Student Evaluations

Here are some example student evaluations. Some are under my maiden name, Vansuch, although I always tell students they can call me by my first name:

  • “Professor Mary was always engaged in the material she was teaching. she taught in a way that made us want to come to class and was very good at explaining the materials. If we ever had any questions or concerns she would always hold extra office hours if needed and was always willing to help. She was extremely passionate about teaching us about statistics and made Sure that the content was engaging.”
  • “I don’t necessarily love math, but I really appreciated everything Professor Vansuch did. She was over–the–top helpful to all students and was a great instructor. She made statistics fun and interesting.”
  • “Mary is a great instructor! She is so kind and understanding and I really enjoyed this class even though I am not really a math person. I went to office hours several times and emailed questions and she was always thorough with her explanations and made sure that I understood what she meant. This was a difficult course for me, so it says a lot about Mary as an instructor that I enjoy the class and am doing fairly well in it.”
  • “Mary has been an excellent instructor!! She explains the material in a way that is easy to understand and supports students’ learning no matter their learning style. I liked how she would type out the key notes and responses to the Desmos questions because as a visual learner, it helped to see the main ideas typed out. Mary always greets her students and asks how our days are going which makes the learning environment a more positive space. She has been great!”
  • “Mrs. Silverglate is a great teacher. She answered questions efficiently and is always open for questions. She is friendly and strives for success in her students.”
  • “Professor Silverglate was SO good about helping me learn the material. Even at crazy hours of the night or on weekends she was always so quick to respond and try and help me in any way possible. I am truly so grateful for Professor Silverglate as I don’t think I could have done as well in the class without her support.”

Some of my evaluations are numerically as follows: