Habits and Mindsets


The habits of mind teach students to be lifelong, critical thinkers. In a rapidly changing world, it is all but more paramount that students leave school with these skills. While I implicitly teach all 16 habits of mind throughout the year, I made an effort to explicitly teach and re-enforce persistence and connecting past knowledge to new situations. These two habits of mind speak to grit, critical thinking skills, and a growth mindset. As math students, children will be extremely limited in their problem-solving abilities if they cannot persevere through difficult problems or build mathematical knowledge throughout the years. In life, these skills are extremely important as well. These are the following sections to my habits of mind section of the portfolio:

Teaching Persistence

Teaching Connecting Past Knowledge to New Situations

Reflection on My Habits of Mind Journey


Students showed a marked improvement in their ability to persist through difficult tasks and make connections to past lessons. Students were able to complete complex mathematical tasks and make connections to both past mathematical knowledge and outside knowledge during lessons. As a result, students have been set up well to be well-rounded thinkers in their future endeavors.

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