Real-world Word Problems

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I frequently include real-world problems for my students to tackle in the classroom. This makes the material more tangible and interesting to students. Additionally, I frequently use word problems to improve students’ literacy.

For example, in both of the lessons below, each class example was a real-world situation. Some situations, such as the “v-bucks” on Fortnite, are examples that students themselves encounter in their day-to-day-life. Regardless, I frequently give students word problems for them to work with complex real-world situations.

For example, in the examples below, students are working with the real-world situation of comparing two job offers, determining how much money they make on commission, or determining how much something costs after a discount. These are all important real-world situations students may find themselves in.

Students have varying levels of understanding of real-world problems, as outlined above. This requires differentiated re-teach plans for them. Regardless of their initial level of understanding, it is still a valuable exercise for students to see math in real-world situations. This builds their math fluency and lets them see how math is used in the “real world”.

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